Our Equipment list is about to change :

We are upgrading to a miniature  Line Array system , Acoustic Technologies Black Bird TLA SYSTEM .

This provides greater flexability of use and better quality of sound re-inforcement .

  We have also recently purchased a new Presonus Live 24.4.2. digital desk , which it is hoped will speed up our set up times too.

Our basic light show will also be changed to LED fixtures and other DMX  lights thus limiting the need for Dimmer Racks etc , although some Par cans will be retained for outside events              

Contact Rod for free quote  :
Email:              rodg@indeevents.com
Rod:                 mobile :0422701626

 Other Sound Equipment for hire:
Speaker cabinets:

AT LPW monitors 

Drum fill 


Other Mixing desks:
Yamaha Pro 1v digital desk
Allen & Heath GL 2400 
Yamaha 12  channel mixer
Recording Equipment:
8 channel A dat Recorders (Tascam da38's)
2 channel DAT                        (Tascam da 48mk2)
Other Audio:
di 100 line mixer / amp100 v horns
Multi cores:

45 metres, 24 channel, 4 returns and 10 m monitor split
30  meters, 18 channel, 2 returns and 3 m monitor split.
Digital snake Roland up to 100 meters.