Self Powered Line Array System

TLA1164 | TLA210A TLA210B
Complete True Line Array Systems

AT Blackbird TLA1.4 System is a self powered modular loudspeaker system which provides true line array performance in a compact and highly portable package. The TLA1.4 is made up of four system components: the TLA1163 Mid-High Line Array, the TLA1243 Mid-High Line Array, the self powered TLA210A Sub Bass Cabinet and the passive TLA210B Sub Bass Cabinet.

The TLA1164 Line Array utilises 16x 4″ Neodymium transducers and the TLA1243 Line Array utilises 24x 3″ Neodymium transducersto provide true line array performance with exceptional clarity and transient response. Dispersion is tightly controlled at 120° (H) x 15° (V) allowing the system coverage to be focused to the audience area. The TLA1164 and TLA1243 feature custom extruded aluminium enclosures for reduced weight without compromising the sound quality or cabinet strength.

Acoustic Technologies product inventory

TLA 1.4 System with double sub cabinets:

TH200 XA Speaker Cabinets:

TH500 XA Speaker cabinets:

5K 4Channel Power Amplifier

stands and rigging as required:

All cabling to suit all of the above.

LPW 02 passive monitors :

QSC  PLX 3200 Power Amplifier:

QSC  PLX2400 Power Amplifier:

Other Equipment to add to system requirements:

Digital Mixing Consols:

Yamaha Pro Mix 01 16 channel desk:

Presonus Studio/Live 24 channel desk:

Analogue Mixing Consols:

Allen & Heath GL2200 24 Channel Desk:

Soundcraft Spirit 16 in 8 out Monitor desk with

seperate power supply:

Yamaha mx12/4 8 channel desk:

DBX Drive Rack Front of house Eq. etc.,:

Q4 Audio 31 band Graphic Equalisers :

ARX 31 band Graphic Equalisers:

Shure SM58 Vocal Mic's

Shure SM57 Instrument Mic.

EV  ND 457's and ND 86's

AKG D112 AND D12

Plenty of active and passive mono and stereo D I Boxes :

Stands and leads to suit :